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About the performance and characteristics of A4 paper cutting machine

About the performance and characteristics of A4 paper cutting machine

The performance and characteristics of A4 paper cutting machine:

A4 paper cutting machine

1. The A4 paper cutting machine adopts PLC and touch screen control, magnetic powder clutch tension control, and central coiling method.
2. The main machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can automatically count meters, alarm and stop, and all tension figures are displayed on the touch screen.
3. The unwinding adopts photoelectric automatic deviation correction (or ultrasonic deviation correction) to correct the neat edge of the paper, so that the irregular material can be cut normally.
4. Circular knife (or straight knife) slitting, waste edge automatic discharge device.
5. Manual (or pneumatic) feeding and unwinding with taper-sleeve type inflatable shaft (3" or 6").
6. The rewinding adopts A and B shafts (inflatable).
In order to make the machine work normally, the A4 paper cutting machine can produce high-quality finished products, and the condition of each part of the machine should be checked irregularly and oiled at each lubrication point.

The use environment of A4 paper cutting machine:

The use environment of A4 paper cutting machine equipment directly affects the characteristics and service life of electrical appliances and components. The environment in which the equipment is installed should:

1. Good indoor ventilation.
2. Ambient temperature—10℃+40℃.
3. Try to avoid high temperature and humidity, the humidity is less than 90%RH, and there is no rain dripping.
4. Avoid direct sunlight.
5. No flammable, corrosive gas and liquid.
6. The installation foundation is fixed without vibration.
7. No electromagnetic interference, stay away from interference sources.


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