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Full automatic paper packaging machine, special large paper packaging machine on line

Full automatic paper packaging machine, special large paper packaging machine on line

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-27
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The dt-1400 automatic paper packaging machine, Daling paper packaging machine and special order paper packaging machine of DongTeng Machinery Co., Ltd. are newly put on line. The machine is suitable for wrapping hexahedron with color printing paper, kraft paper, double adhesive paper and coated paper. The production efficiency is 10 to 12 packets per minute, and the thickness of the paper is 15 to 80 mm. The minimum size of the paper is 420 × 530 mm and the maximum is 1000 × 1400 mm.  
The four major structures of the packaging machine are as follows:
1、 Nm1400 paper feeding section: the operator only needs to push the order paper to be packed forward by 100 mm, so that the paper can be automatically transported to the next packaging process until the packaging is completed.  
2、 Front packaging section: through the special packaging device, the packaging paper before and after the paper is packed in good condition and clean, without any dead corners. Special vacuum devices help to keep the package tight.  
3、 Packaging section on both sides of the paper: through the fixed sliding folding device, the two sides of the paper can be folded and packed accurately. When folding the edges and corners of the paper, a special device is used to press down the edges and corners of the paper so as to avoid package wrinkles. In the process of paper transfer, the two sides of the paper are sealed by hot-melt adhesive.  
4、 Paper receiving section: special endless conveyor belt is used in paper receiving section. The control system can accurately control the lifting height of the lifting platform according to the thickness of the paper, so as to ensure the paper stacking in order.

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