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What is Copy paper production line

What is Copy paper production line

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  • Time of issue:2021-06-03
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The working principle of the Copy paper production line is accomplished through a series of cam rotations inside the machine to drive the linkages, the cross-cutting paper feeding function and the working parts. During the packaging process, the automatic paper feeding, paper dropping, glue spraying and spraying are quickly completed. Multiple actions such as wrapping.

Copy paper production line

Copy paper production line integrates light, machine, electricity, gas and computer. It has reasonable structure, advanced technology and convenient operation. It is suitable for the packaging of A4 electrostatic copying paper commonly used in offices around the world. The packaging cabinet has a beautiful appearance and improves work efficiency.

Copy paper production line is mainly divided into the following steps: 1.unwinding stand, 2.slitting blades, 3.synchro sheeting knife, 4.wrapping paper unwinding stand, 5.ream wraping unit, 6.carton packing, 7.carton strapping unit, 8. electrisity box.

Copy paper production line can pack domestic version of A4 type printing paper and copy paper, and American version of A4 type printing paper and copy paper.

Copy paper production line performance and structural characteristics:
1. Adopt multifunctional digital display frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, PLC programming control technology.
2. Equipped with touch screen to realize man-machine interface.
3. Using automatic paper feeding function box technology.
4. The packaging machine only uses glazing paper over 90 grams.
5. Equipped with advanced glue spraying machine with automatic glue spraying function.
6. It can greatly reduce packaging cost, and can improve packaging accuracy, wrapping effect and sealing performance.
7. The packaging effect can reach international standards.


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