Dongteng Company Strives to Revitalize Chinese Paper Packaging Industry


Revitalizing China's Paper Packaging - The Technical Wings and Innovation Ambition of Dongteng A4 Paper, Printing Paper, and Copying Paper Packaging Machine

The fully automatic high-speed reel packaging equipment for A4 paper, printing paper, and copy paper has always been imported from abroad and consumes tens of millions of yuan of Chinese foreign exchange. Dongteng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Ruian, known as the "China Packaging Machinery City". With a high starting point, high standards, high quality, leading technology, and unlimited innovation, we manufacture domestically leading and internationally advanced A4 paper, printing paper, copy paper cutting machines, and packaging machine connecting units, Filling the domestic gap and promoting the development of China's green packaging industry.

High tech products have earned Dongteng Enterprise a good reputation in the global machinery manufacturing industry. The A4 paper, printing paper, and photocopy paper packaging machine series have now sold well in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, and are exported to multiple countries and regions such as Europe and Southeast Asia, deeply trusted and praised by users. Dongteng Enterprise is willing to work hand in hand with friends both domestically and internationally in the pursuit of excellence and create brilliance together.

Dongteng Enterprise Paper Packaging Machine Series: A4 Paper Packaging Machine, Print Paper Packaging Machine, Copy Paper Packaging Machine; A4 paper drum packaging machine, printing paper drum packaging machine, copy paper drum packaging machine; Roll A4 paper packaging machine, roll printing paper packaging machine, and roll copying paper packaging machine.

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