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Automatic Carton Box Packing Machine


Product origin Ruian Wenzhou City,Zhejiang Prov, China

Automatic Carton Box Packing Machine featured by 1.Automatic and efficient, less time & less Labor Cost;2.Suitable for various sizes of copy paper, such as A4,A3, Letter Size, Legal Size etc. Special size are customer made;3.Suitable for Various package demand, such as 10 reams/carton, 8 reams/carton, 6 reams/carton,5 reams/carton and 4 reams/carton;4.Protection from jam;5.It can be linked with any brand of cut-size sheet er & ream wrapping machine, such as E.C.H WILL, LINOMATIC

Automatic Carton Box Packing Machine

Automatic Carton Box Packing Machine(DTEP-15) 

Used to pack the paper reams into carton automatically

Suitable for A3, A4, legal size, letter size etc common sizes

10 reams/carton, 8 reams/carton 6 reams/carton, 5 reams/carton. 4 reams/carton

Brief Introduction:

Automatic Carton Box Packing Machine is specially designed for carton packing of the copy paper. The machine is usually linked with the cut-size sheeting & ream packing machine. It accum/stacks the reams automatically, and then convey the ream stack onto the carton bottom sheet and covered by lid. Both bottom and lid are glued by hot-melt adhesive. Then the carton go through two sets of strapping machines for tying. The inkjet printer and label applicator are optional units.


automatic box packing machine

Working procedure
auto box packing machine

Main Technical Specification



Suitable ream size

A4 and A3 share one set machine Letter Size, Legal Size

Suitable Package  (reams/carton)


Design Speed (cartons/min)


Working Sped (cartons/min)



Hot-melt glue

Compressed Air


PP belt size

9mm wide,0.8mm thick(standard)或12mm(custom-made)

Tie direction

Lengthways 1pc ,crosswise 1 pc

Electricity consumption (Kw)


Overall Size (m)(LxWxH)


Machine weight (MT)


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