The whiter Copy paper is not the better


The whiter the copy paper, is not the better.

Electrostatic copy paper is currently one of the most common office stationery, but few people know how to identify its quality standards. At present, the level of office paper can be divided into three levels. First level paper should be used for external documents of enterprises; Secondary paper should be used for large-scale external copying of documents; Third level paper is generally used for internal use within enterprises, and does not require too high text requirements.

Generally speaking, low moisture content is better. The moisture content of special paper for copiers is usually around 5%. Generally, the water content of acidic printing paper can reach 8-10%. Copy paper cut with acidic printing paper has a high water content, low density, and is too soft, making it easy to get stuck during copying. When the machine is used too much, when it heats up, the copy paper will generate acidic vapor due to heat, which can corrode the copier and be harmful to human health. In addition, during the humid season, it is also easy to experience paper jams, unclear printing, excessive dust on the body, abnormal paper output, and excessive paper tape. Failure to undergo anti-static chemical treatment or low level of treatment technology can result in electrostatic adsorption and multiple paper feeds, especially when the weather is dry. At the same time, static electricity can blacken the surface of the paper inlet, causing paper dust to be adsorbed on the paper, the paper inlet, and the copier body, resulting in spots during copying.

When making a purchase, you can carefully touch the copy paper with your hands to see if it is smooth and free of dust; Those with dust are bad copy paper. The thinner the processing layer, the higher the density, and the better the stiffness and moisture resistance. The copy paper cut from acidic printing paper feels thicker, softer, rougher, and has a high moisture content, which also causes greater damage to the copier. It should be noted that the whiteness of copy paper is mainly due to visual impact. The reason why the paper is too white is because too much luminescent agent is added, so the whiter the copy paper, the better.

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